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Media Management For Drivers & Fleets

Simplify Driver Communication With Trimble Media Manager

Back office to driver communication has never been easier. Use Trimble Media Manager to share crucial information and documents to drivers' in-cab devices.

Part of Trimble Mobility fleet management and telematics system.

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Streamline Back Office to Driver Communications

Keep Your Drivers in the Know

Give your drivers access to the important information and files they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Send Diverse File Types

Distribute a range of files types that includes PDF files and video clips to drivers' in-cab telematics devices.

Increase Driver Efficiency

Make sure your drivers have necessary documents like invoices and bills of lading at all times so they can do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Train Your Drivers Proactively

Send video and audio recordings about new training plans and safety protocols to your drivers while they're on the road.

Boost Driver Retention

Engage your drivers with timely communications that make them feel connected to your company wherever the road takes them.

Control Media Distribution

Control which media your drivers have access to, including unpublishing media if you no longer want your drivers to have access to a specific file.

See How Drivers Interact with Files

See when drivers download and view files, as well as how many times they view a file. Fleets can also require drivers to acknowledge that they receive a file, including through signature capture.

Improved Driver Retention Metrics

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Back Office to Driver Communication Has Never Been This Easy

Improve communication with your drivers and boost retention with Trimble Media Manager. Talk to an expert today to learn more about our top solution.

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