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In-Cab Scanning Truck Driver Paperwork Organizer

Trimble In-Cab Scanning: Better Document Management

Trimble in-cab scanning, powered by Vector, is designed to minimize driver paperwork and improve document management via powerful, easy-to-use features.

Part of Trimble Mobility fleet telematics system.

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The Easy-to-Use In-Cab Scanning Solution You Need

Digitize Driver Documents

Use point-and-shoot functionality to easily digitize and store paperwork — with or without cell service.

Enjoy Easy-to-Use Features

Make life easy on your drivers with an in-cab scanning solution that features quality automated edge detection capabilities.

Streamline the Billing Process

Help your drivers send Proof of Delivery documents to your back office sooner via digital messaging to reduce billing times.

Customize In-Cab Scanning to Your Needs

Create custom categories inside the platform for various document types and setup GPS tags based on where scans are made.

Build Better Carrier/Shipper Relationships

Program customized trigger alerts for shippers and other third-parties whenever new images are available to view.

Integrate Your In-Cab Technology

Connect the platform to your preferred Trimble TMS, or a number of other third-party TMS solutions on the market.

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Manage In-Cab Paperwork Effectively

With Trimble’s in-cab scanning capabilities, you can easily minimize driver paperwork and streamline billing processes. Contact us for more information.

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