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Onboard Event Recording

Capture Every Second of Road Action

Trimble Onboard Event Recording (OER) enables fleets to quickly reconstruct past road events and proactively manage driver behavior.

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Drivers See With Trimble OER

Get Real-Time Transparency

Use Trimble OER to get immediate details about road incidents like aggressive accelerations, sudden stops and collisions.

Bring Visibility to Accidents

Capture driver behavior to understand why accidents happen. This level of context can help inform your training programs.

Maximize Driver Safety

Build a safer fleet with Trimble OER’s extensive monitoring to inform your future training efforts.

Improve Driver Training

Take the guesswork out of driver training and focus your programs on the incident data provided to you by Trimble OER.

Customize Your Recording Options

Achieve your safety goals by customizing Trimble OER to capture the incidents you care about, such as sudden accelerations.

Properly Manage Your Fleet With Real-Time Event Recording

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Easily Track Road Incidents in Real Time

Build a safer fleet with Trimble OER, the easiest way to track and understand driver behavior. Contact us today to learn more.