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Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Boost Driver Productivity and Vehicle Uptime With Trimble DVIR

Eliminate tedious paperwork and streamline driver to back office communication with Trimble's digital DVIR solution.

Part of Trimble Mobility fleet telematics system.

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Eliminate DVIR Paperwork

Streamline the vehicle inspection process with a digital DVIR solution that's accessible from driver in-cab devices.

Boost Driver Productivity

Enable drivers to quickly select parts, accessories and common defects from custom digital lists during DVIR inspections.

Increase Communication Speed

Make back office personnel aware of potential vehicle hazards sooner via access to real-time, digital inspection reports.

Minimize Vehicle Downtime

Empower back office workers to schedule maintenance at opportune times and minimize vehicles downtime with real-time reports.

Find the Data You Need

Access DVIR reports from a web browser and filter results by status, vehicle ID, location, etc. to easily find crucial data.

Partner With Safer Carriers

Work with Trimble DVIR-powered carriers and protect your shipping business from negligent and/or error-prone partners.

Streamline Communication and Boost Vehicle Uptime

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Connect with a Sales Expert

Supercharge Your DVIR Process With Trimble

Dump your paper-based vehicle inspection process for digital DVIRs from Trimble. Contact our team today to learn more about our cutting-edge solution.

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