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Your drivers’ safety and compliance isn’t just important to your fleet - it’s crucial for us, too.

Trimble is dedicated to providing you with the technology you need to operate effectively under Canada's new ELD regulation.

Certified Canadian ELD Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Canadian ELD FAQs

  • When Does The Canadian ELD Mandate Go Into Effect?

    The mandate goes into effect on June 12, 2021.

  • How will the ELD mandate be enforced?

    According to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), "jurisdictions plan to support the mandate through a period of progressive enforcement without penalties including elevated education and awareness until June 12, 2022".

  • What Are The Rules Of The Canada ELD Mandate?

    Canada's ELD rule specifies guidelines for fleets that are required to migrate to ELD. This includes:

    Vehicles operating outside a radius of less than 160 km from their home base of operations (same as today)

    Vehicles that are model year 2000 or newer

    Lease or rental agreements of more than 30 days


  • What Are Special Driving Categories?

    Canadian ELD mandate accounts for off-duty use of trucks with the special driving category: personal conveyance or PC.

    If your company allows drivers to use trucks while off duty, drivers will need to understand how to properly account for this time on their ELD. Your ELD software may have a soft button to toggle between “Off Duty” and “PC” time so that any PC drive time is recorded correctly on line 1 of the driver record (compared to line 3 where on-duty driving is captured).

  • What Is An ELD?

    ELD or electronic logging device is a way for commercial vehicle drivers to automatically record driving time and Hours of Service.

Trimble FAQs

  • What Is Driver ELD?

    Trimble's Android-based ELD solution is designed to help drivers operate safely and enable them to maximize productivity and make the most of their available hours.

  • Is Trimble Prepared For The ELD Mandate?

    The Canadian mandate requires that certification bodies (CBs) certify all ELDs for their use. Trimble's Driver ELD was one of the first certified ELD compliant solutions to Canada's electronic driver logs mandate.