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Considering moving your shop to the cloud? Now is the time.

Trimble is making the choice easy for existing TMT Fleet Maintenance and TMT Service Center customers by providing critical benefits found only in our TMT SaaS offering. These benefits are backed for a limited time by new bundle packaging and special pricing on professional services. The end result is a monthly fee covering software, services and hosting at a manageable cost designed with clear value in mind.



Understanding the Benefits of SaaS

Trimble’s SaaS solution is more than software hosting or basic managed services. Our TMT Fleet Maintenance SaaS offering means peace of mind for our customers allowing them the comfort of fully managed connectivity, monitoring, backups, upgrades, maintenance and more.

TMT Fleet Maintenance SaaS offering includes:

  • Managed IT Infrastructure

    • Servers and storage designed to optimize the performance of TMT Fleet Maintenance 

    • Regular software, operating system and hardware updates and maintenance

    • Increased system security with extensive antivirus and anti-malware technology

    • Consistent system monitoring and alerts

  • Commercial Grade Hosting Center

    • 99.5% Service Level uptime - historic uptime rates are even higher

    • Redundant Internet connectivity and power

    • Fire suppression and temperature control

  • Managed Services

    • System management that allows your IT team and system administrators to refocus their efforts on new opportunities while providing an alternative to outside consultants 

  • Disaster Recovery 

    • Geographically disperse backups for better protection

  • Better Budgeting

    • Consistent monthly fee 

    • Opportunities for Operating rather than Capital Expenses


Bundled Packaging

New bundle packaging is one of the benefits to our TMT Fleet Maintenance SaaS offering and is available only to our Premise based TMT customers who are making the move to SaaS. With this offer, customers have the opportunity to add more than two dozen additional, web-based modules to their current system line up. 


How’s it work? More than two dozen critical modules are included in our new conversion bundle packaging. Through this offer you can add any module you don’t already license at no additional cost. They, and your existing modules, will be included in your monthly subscription fee. Considering adding Advanced Reporting, or perhaps Shop Floor? Or maybe a new Accounting Interface? Here’s your chance to do it without a new module fee.


Bundled Functionality Includes:

  • Accounting Interfaces* improve accuracy by providing a seamless integration to a variety of common accounting systems. These interfaces include data sharing from the Purchase Module and / or Road Calls Module with AP and the Invoicing Module with AR. This set of Interface Modules includes interfaces to: Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP), Trimble's Innovative and TruckMate TMS Accounting tools, McLeod TMS Accounting, Quickbooks and our Generic Accounting Interface. 

  • ADP Payroll Integration allows quick export of labor hours into ADP for payroll processing to minimize steps and increase accuracy in paying shop staff. 

  • Advanced Reporting is an intuitive and user-definable dashboard of critical reports designed to provide clarity into key areas such as parts, ROs and costs. 

  • Fuel Meter Import provides TMT with vehicle fuel purchase data including gallons and costs from a variety of sources including fuel cards and fuel dispensing systems for accurate management and awareness of fuel purchases. 

  • Integration Tool Kit is a Web Service API layer that allows customers and third parties to write new interfaces to view data and update information within TMT. 

  • Invoicing provides fleets and service centers with a quick and easy way to bill customers (internal and external) for work performed in the shop or for direct sales (over-the-counter) to walk in customers. 

  • Master Card /Tchek Integration interfaces with payment card services to create single-use MasterCard® numbers to pay for Road Call Vendor Repair Orders, Road Purchase Orders, Vendor Repair Orders, and Vendor Purchase Orders.

  • MOTOR Labor Standards Interface enables accurate resourcing and team management by providing standard labor times for repairs based on the unit VIN number or year, make and model

  • Mobile Communication Interfaces* offer direct connectivity between equipment and the shop sharing key information such as meters, location, fault codes and DVIRs. TMT Mobile Communication interfaces include: Trimble Mobility (formerly PeopleNet and Cadec interfaces), Trimble Construction and Logistics, Omnitracs, Rand McNally, Zonar and our Generic Mobile Comm APIs

  • Navistar ePurchasing enables authorized Navistar customers to increase accuracy and turn around time by sending Purchase Orders electronically to Navistar's OnCommand Connection/Part Information system 

  • Road Calls helps get broken down equipment moving faster through a simplified entry program to record breakdowns, locate repair facilities and issue POs.

  • Shop Floor includes critical, interactive tools designed to improve the efficiency and processes within the shop through effective and easy to use management tools. Shop Floor includes: Interactive Workstation (IWS), Shop Planner/ Scheduler and Parts Workstation. 

  • Tire Module tracks tires, records tread wear and monitors all other aspects of tire usage from the point of purchase to the point of scrapping the casing.

  • TMS and Dispatch Interfaces* allow direct connectivity between the shop and operations allowing for more effective asset management and more efficient communication. These interfaces include connectivity to Trimble’s Innovative, TMW.Suite, TruckMate TMS products.

  • Trailer Tracking Interfaces* offer connectivity for trailer location, reefer horus, meter readings, alarm codes and others and includes integrations to ThermoKing, Spireon, SkyBitz. 

  • Travel Centers of AM offers the ability to import repair invoice data directly from Travel Centers of America, creating Vendor Repair Orders (VRO) and Purchase Orders for the Vendor Repair eliminating the need for double data entry. 

  • Warranty maximizes warranty recovery by managing equipment and parts warranties so that warranted parts can be flagged during repairs for easy generation and tracking of claims. 


Mobile Applications

  • Asset Inspection App provides technicians with the freedom to inspect equipment, review previous inspections and PM statuses, update meters and create tickets at truckside. 

  • Mobile Mechanic App, similar to the Mechanic Interactive Workstation, this app allows technicians to manage and record repairs and PMs and access critical equipment details truckside increasing accuracy and speed with ready, remote access to data. 

  • Parts Room App eliminates the needs for paper-based count sheets and duplicate data entry by enabling the mobile creation and completion of physical inventory counts and parts requisitions remotely within the parts room, rather than after the fact at back at the parts desk. 

*Interface details may vary by external provider. 


Professional Services

Making the move from a premise system to a SaaS system involves critical IT processes such as system backups, data management and configuration, and often includes staff training on new modules and the new user interface. 

Trimble Professional Services backs our customers with the setup of a complete system, running the latest technology, and empowers users with extensive training opportunities, support and documentation to help every customer make the most out of their software. 

As part of our TMT Premise to SaaS conversion offer, our customers are also able to take advantage of a special hourly rate for professional services associated with converting TMT Premise based systems to our SaaS based system, including related training. 

Documentation, on-demand training and software support are covered at no additional fee for all TMT Fleet Maintenance SaaS customers. 



More than two dozen add-on modules are available at no extra cost for a limited time only to current premise-based customers using Trimble TMT Fleet Maintenance and TMT Service Center. Please consult your Trimble sales professional for details.