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Southeastern Freight Lines, How Much is Your Home-Grown TMS Costing Your Bottom-Line?

Southeastern Freight Lines, Trimble has been your fleet telematics partner for X years, and during that time we've trucked over X number of miles. As you look to grow your operations in 2021, we want to help ensure you have the right technology to scale your business.  

An older, on-premise TMS may serve you well up to a certain point, but the needs of your company may eventually become too sophisticated or advanced for this type of platform to handle. After all, the larger your business becomes, the more complex your operations are likely to get. 

With your business heading into a post-pandemic boom, you need to consider your growth objectives and the current and future needs of your enterprise. Advances in TMS software enable companies to keep up and adapt to growth without completely altering their approach. 

Some advances or add-ons to TMS trucking software, for example, provide route managers with optimized planning. The right program will also help your company eliminate hours of unnecessary manual data entry by recognizing where information must go.

Call me today to discuss how we can make your dispatch operations more efficient. I’ll work with you to assess the specifics of your project and identify the right security solution for you. 


Brian Lavelle