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Video Intelligence: Protection, Prevention and Safer Roads for All Drivers

Download this ebook to get an overview of Video Intelligence for fleets, including potential ROI, safety benefits and increased visibilityfor drivers.

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According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Statistics, in 2013, the average cost for trucking companies per accident was more than $11 million for those that involved fatalities, close to $500,000 for those with injuries and nearly $75,000 for ones that caused property damage. Without a neutral eyewitness on the scene, it’s often impossible to prove that accidents were not the fault of the truck driver. 

In our latest guide, we explore how Video Intelligence is a proven technological solution that many fleets are implementing for both protection and prevention, immensely benefitting their bottom lines, their drivers and those with whom they share the road.


Download this comprehensive guide to discover:

  • The risks of operating without video
  • How to select the right video platform for your fleet’s needs
  • How to achieve a return on your technology investment in the form of improved litigation protection and enhanced driver safety
  • The steps to successfully implement a video solution across your fleet’s driver base