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Mitigating Risk and Improving Safety with Trimble’s Enhanced Video Intelligence Features

Today, there are more than 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States, and the industry logs more than 430 billion miles annually, which can lead to many road safety concerns and significant accident risk. Video is an integral safety tool for reducing that risk for drivers and fleet owners and operators in order to more effectively manage fleets.

Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution has played a key role in integrated safety programs across the country for years, and we are excited to highlight several new enhancements that will further help protect fleets and drivers in innovative ways.

“Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution goes far beyond surveillance and investigation,” said Jesse Chappell, global business development manager at Trimble Transportation. “This strategic technology with enhanced video features has become a key component in safety programs, encompassing driver fatigue, distraction and road hazard monitors and alerts, and is a major risk reduction tool for drivers and fleet managers.”

These new Video Intelligence enhancements include:

4-Channel DVR & ADAS Solution

Trimble's Video Intelligence solution now supports up to four easily configurable cameras that monitor the road and drivers in high resolution. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a 1920x1080-pixel high-resolution forward-facing camera that warns of unintentional road lane departures, provides forward collision notifications and more.

Mounted directly on the windshield, the forward-facing camera gives views of the road ahead and provides additional context to help improve driver coaching opportunities and potentially exonerate drivers in the event of an accident.

The solution’s recorded data is processed in real-time using a reliable and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform, providing drivers feedback on the go. The AI also triggers event recordings to enhance your fleet safety program, making it easier to reward good driving habits.

Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM)

Trimble’s Video Intelligence platform now features a Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM). This solution monitors for driver fatigue and distraction, giving fleet managers the opportunity to identify unsafe practices and risky driving behaviors, and work with drivers to coach better driving habits for increased safety.

The CIM currently monitors drivers for the following:

  • Distraction

  • Seat belt usage

  • Smoking

  • Fatigue

  • Cell phone usage

  • Camera obstruction


Trimble's AI, paired with the Cabin Intelligent Monitor, recognizes real scenarios and records them for future use and ongoing coaching. By using actual in-cab information, fleet managers and drivers can work together to improve overall safety.

Dynamic Driver Defense (DCube)

DCube (Dynamic Driver Defense) is an innovative new solution in Trimble’s Video Intelligence platform that prevents incidents on the road – and in the cab – by notifying drivers of potential incidents in real-time.

The small in-cab notification device is installed on truck dashboards and provides real-time audio alerts and visual warnings to keep drivers safe from hazards on the road. DCube’s instantaneous alerts for following distance, lane departure, distraction in the cab and more, can reduce accident probabilities and ensure drivers get home safely.

Additional Cameras Provide Greater Perspective

In addition to forward-facing cameras, Trimble Video Intelligence also features several camera options to provide a more complete view around a fleet’s vehicles. 

One of these is a pod camera, which discreetly mounts on either the driver or passenger side of a vehicle. This placement is ideal for capturing events that take place alongside a vehicle, in adjacent lanes of traffic or in a driver’s blind spots.

Fleets can also gain further context through a rear-facing camera. Mounted on the back of a tractor, this configurable camera can provide additional context into triggered incidents near the rear of a truck and help further identify driver coaching opportunities.

Driver Assist

While the pod and rear-facing cameras can be crucial in providing event-related context, they are also essential in helping drivers with real-time perspective while behind the wheel.

The optional Driver Assist functionality displays appropriate live video from the pod or backup cameras in the cab when the turning indicator is engaged or the truck is in reverse. Helpful in navigating blind spots and more easily backing into tight areas like loading docks, Driver Assist connects to the Trimble Video Intelligence display or a separate monitor to help drivers make more informed decisions based on their surroundings.

Enhance Your Fleet’s Safety and Protect Your Business with Trimble

Video Intelligence promotes safety as a habit, and can protect and exonerate drivers and carriers as an impartial witness in the event of an accident. Onboard Event Recording (OER), combined with high-resolution video documentation, provides critical details in the event of an accident or incident. The AI capabilities help to streamline the review process by segmenting footage with computer vision and machine learning. And fast data retrieval ensures your team doesn’t waste time reviewing endless video footage.

Monitoring driver behavior in-cab and coaching drivers to improve their driving habits – following distance, harsh braking, distracted driving – can potentially save lives, while also reducing operating expenses. Monitoring hazards on the road is also crucial, with real-time alerts for changing traffic conditions, following distance and pedestrian crossing.

Looking for more information on how this technology can help save lives and improve driving habits and accountability? Contact us to learn more about Trimble Video Intelligence, a solution that goes way beyond basic road monitoring.