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Video Intelligence Helps Gorski Bulk Transport Enhance Safety

The Challenge:

Without the presence of video, the situation may have led to ramifications for the driver.

When Ted Gorski, president of Gorski Bulk Transport (GBT), saw the video he made plans to install digital video recorders (DVR) in the entire fleet to capture any future events.

For Ted, the decision to start a video program was the right one. After nearly 60 years in the trucking industry, the leadership of GBT, brothers Ted and Bernard Gorski, had seen numerous innovations in transportation safety. From anti-lock brakes to anti-rollover systems and electronic logging devices, GBT had implemented many of these innovations to improve safety for its driving team. Video recording seemed like the next logical step.

However, after two years of using their own in-cab DVR solution, they felt the information received was valuable but managing the system, which included sorting through hours of video to find a single moment in time, was overwhelming. Additionally, the functionality of the DVR units was not robust enough for extended use.



The Solution:

Ted struggled to find an alternate DVR solution that was easier to manage, so he asked Trimble, GBT’s technology provider for the past 15 years, for advice.

Through Trimble he learned about its Video Intelligence solution that combined forward-facing camera technology with driver and vehicle data.

Already a fleet-wide user of Trimble’s PeopleNet Blu.2 units and fleet management solutions, including electronic logging devices, Ted viewed adding video intelligence as a way to create a bundled package of technology solutions that was dependable and durable.

“Given our long-standing relationship with [Trimble], we were comfortable that the company would have a video solution that would fit our needs as an international carrier – and one that would fully integrate with our existing platforms,” he said.


The Result:

In late 2015, GBT became a beta tester for Video Intelligence, installing the forward-facing cameras in a number of trucks. Immediately he saw the benefit of real-time video.

Through Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution, GBT uses its own company-controlled settings for the onboard event recording (OER), to automatically record videos triggered by an event or the driver. This information is then delivered directly to GBT's safety team for tracking and analysis.

“We want to help our drivers be the best they can be,” Ted said. “It’s difficult for someone in the back office to understand what issues drivers are experiencing over the phone or via email. Video intelligence is our way to see what the drivers are seeing, remove uncertainties and better support our drivers in the field.”

Ted also shared information about the Video Intelligence system with GBT’s insurance provider to share the steps the company was taking to improve the safety of its vehicles. The insurance provider was impressed with the benefits of the solution and plans to raise awareness of the technology with its other transportation customers.

Ted is looking forward to using features like the Safety Analytics Dashboard, which brings big data into one place. Using recorded video events, Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) analytics, vehicle speed, hours of service (HOS) and driving behavior, the data is used to help point the carrier towards opportunities for improvement and document key highway events.

Eventually, Ted would also like to add side-view and back-up cameras, bringing additional support to GBT’s team of drivers.

“There are a lot of vehicles on the road that get in the way of good, safe operations,” Ted said. “Having a resource like video puts a carrier in a position to support its drivers and customers and ultimately to improve the safety and efficiency of its business.”