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WATCH: Recent Webinar Explores the Value of Video Intelligence for Fleets

The evolution of technology and the increasingly large threat of accident-related litigation has fleets of all shapes and sizes considering a new way to increase safety and reduce liability risk.

Onboard video systems.

This topic was explored in a recent webinar, “The Direct and Indirect Value of Video Telematics”. Hosted by Fleet Europe and Streamax, the event included a presentation by Trimble’s Jesse Chappell, global business development manager at Trimble Transportation.

In his presentation, Chappell discussed the evolution of video-based systems, the key advantages of implementing this technology and some of the recent innovations to the AI-powered Trimble Video Intelligence platform.

“When we combine video with AI, you're going to reduce your litigation costs. You are also going to improve your overall fleet safety,” said Chappell. “When you have a better and safer program, you’re going to have [fewer] incidents, which means you’re going to keep your productivity high and you’re going to have less downtime ‒ ultimately stabilizing your entire operation.”

Catch a replay of Chappell’s full presentation by watching the video below.

Find Out How Video Intelligence Can Fit in Your Fleet

From reducing accident risk and liability exposure, to improving overall safety and efficiency ‒ investing in video technology can benefit all aspects of your business.

Curious to find out how Trimble Video Intelligence can work for you? Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solution and how we can put you on the road to increased safety and productivity.