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Enhancing Fleet Safety and Efficiency with Mobility Solutions Integrations

There’s no question that the transportation industry is firmly focused on safety. At the same time, distracted driving remains a growing concern—and that presents a unique challenge.

THE QUESTION: How do trucking companies facilitate in-cab solutions that promote
productivity and efficiency with the least possible impact on helping drivers operate as safely as possible?

THE ANSWER: By adopting integrated mobility solutions that are accessible on existing in-cab displays.

If you didn’t know, that is precisely what the partnership between Trimble Transportation and Drivewyze Inc.., the provider of embedded cross-platform connected truck solutions, is all about.

“What Trimble has done is made the investment in our applications,” said Drivewyze VP of Products Charlie Mohn. “Instead of forcing companies to run multiple applications side-by-side on different in-cab devices, fleets can access Drivewyze PreClear and Safety+ on their Trimble in-cab displays. That’s not only easier for their customers, it also provides for a great driver experience.”

Details on Trimble’s Drivewyze Integration

Trimble first integrated the Drivewyze PreClear solution many years ago. North America’s largest weigh station bypass service keeps trucks moving and out of line ups at 830 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across 48 states and provinces. 

Bypass opportunities are communicated on the Trimble in-cab display. In addition to enhancing safety, the technology is well received as a means of improving driver retention by decreasing stress and for reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

About two years ago, Trimble also made available Drivewyze Safety+. The proactive in-cab driver safety coaching tool helps prevent incidents by communicating with drivers about potential hazards so they can more safely respond. The in-cab safety notifications are like virtual road signs, based on a library of alerts that can be personalized and location-based.

Webinar Highlights the Impact of Technology on Fleet Safety

In Spotlight on Speed: How to Reduce Speeding Incidents and Enhance Your Fleet’s Safety, a Trimble-sponsored webinar featuring Drivewyze, the value of this integrated technology was made evident.

Large-truck speeding is a critical safety issue, the presenters noted, with speeding listed as the cause of almost 25% of large truck crashes. Those violations, they said, have long-term impacts on drivers, including fines, disqualification from driving and even civil liability in the event of a speeding-related accident.

They affect carriers as well with lower safety scores that can lead to fines and penalties. Just as impactful are the costly effects of lower employee morale, the company’s reputation with customers, the administrative burden and higher insurance premiums.

The webinar also showcased the results of implementing Drivewyze Safety+ at a 200-truck carrier. With the use of the solution’s Speed Alerts feature for drivers on an in-cab display, the trucking company reduced speeding incidents from 50% to 3% with Safety+. Away from the cab, the integrated solution also delivers Risk Zone Insights in the form of individual and fleet-wide reporting to help identify best performers and understand where additional coaching may be required.

Improving Driver Experiences

And the two companies are not stopping there. Today, Trimble is in the process of integrating Drivewyze e-Inspection on its in-cab displays. The electronic inspection application is aimed at expediting the inspection process at weigh stations. It is currently undergoing a pilot program evaluation in a growing number of participating states.

“By automating critical elements of traditional time-intensive manual processes during roadside inspections, data entry errors are eliminated, and drivers and fleets can save up to 30 minutes or more when using e-Inspection technology compared to traditional in-station inspections,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze.

“For law enforcement, this technology helps streamline an officer’s workload by automatically entering, screening and pre-populating inspection forms, allowing officers to focus on compliance, freeing up time to inspect trucks that truly do need inspecting,” he added.

Any Trimble fleet customer using the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service can request to participate in the e-Inspection pilot project. For those trucking operations, the latest and existing Drivewyze integrations are made possible by deploying Trimble’s fleet management technologies. Those include:

  • Trimble Duo—a single device that combines an intuitive, Android display with a 4G-LTE-powered vehicle gateway that connects and mounts easily on a vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Trimble Duo Display—an Android powered fixed-mount display that is paired with a vehicle gateway to provide access to reliable 4G LTE connectivity.

Trimble’s in-cab solutions can also be provided as a hardware and software bundle so you can access a complete suite of tools for a single monthly price. Simply select the right mix of technology, then use your chosen combination of in-cab displays, in-vehicle gateways and software applications for mobile communication, in-cab navigation, messaging and more.

Put Your Fleet on the Road to a Better Driver Experience

With Trimble’s extensive integrations it is possible to maximize the productivity of your drivers.

Curious to find out how? Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive fleet management capabilities that can empower drivers with the technology to operate safely and efficiently on the road.