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The Role of Video in Integrated Fleet Safety Programs

Discover how video can be a key element of a fleet's integrated safety program strategies.

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Today, there are more than 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States and the industry logs more than 430 billion miles annually. That translates into a high number of road safety concerns and significant accident risk.

Safety programs are an integral part of effective fleet management and are a top risk reduction tool for fleet owners and operators. A key element of integrated safety program strategies is one that is often overlooked: video.

In our guide, “The Role of Video in Integrated Fleet Safety Programs”, we explore how video is often mistakenly considered to be a surveillance and investigation tool and how it can actually play a much bigger role in your integrated safety program.


Download this comprehensive guide to discover:

  • How video can help protect you in the event of an accident
  • The role video plays in improving driver coaching and overall fleet safety
  • How to select the right video platform for your fleet’s needs
  • The benefits of video beyond enhancing your safety and driver coaching programs