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TSD Logistics

The Challenge:

For today’s fleets, network connectivity is essential. Everything from day-to-day operations to communication with the back office depends on a fast, reliable wireless connection. 

TSD Logistics, based in Texarkana, Texas, offers diversified transportation services throughout North America, including dry bulk, over-the-road freight shipments, specialized logistics services and more. Looking ahead, TSD Logistics saw that the devices they were running on 3G CDMA data networks would soon become obsolete as cellular carriers began to sunset existing 3G networks, and knew they needed to take proactive steps to address any potential gaps in coverage.
Beginning in 2019 with Verizon, U.S. carriers began to sunset 3G CDMA data networks over the next several years. Because networks will degrade CDMA in stages, it’s hard to predict how long CDMA customers will have reliable coverage, however, it’s safe to say that users will likely start to feel the pain well before the final switch is turned off, as large coverage areas may disappear at any time, rendering CDMA devices obsolete.
Proactively upgrading to 4G LTE-capable devices helps ensure that no gaps in coverage or service interruptions will take place while drivers are on the road, as well as overall immediate faster connectivity speeds.​


The Solution:

Although TSD Logistics was already utilizing AOBRDs, they wanted to start moving toward being fully ELD compliant well ahead of the final deadline in December 2019. TSD Logistics was eager to get up and running with 4G LTE-capable devices – enter the new Trimble Duo™.
Trimble Duo™, a ruggedized fixed-mount display that mounts right onto the truck’s dashboard, met the fleet’s needs with minimal downtime, which was one of TSD Logistics’ main concerns. Hassle-free installation means trucks are back on the road faster, and an intuitive user experience on the Android™ platform makes it easy for drivers and back-office staff to utilize the platform’s capabilities to meet their business-specific needs.
“The top benefit since we’ve started using Trimble Duo is the simple installation and the ability to move the device from truck to truck,” said Angela Jones, TSD Logistics compliance and communications director. “Also, the ease of use for our drivers and the speed of the 4G network is a lot faster than our 3G-capable devices, and our drivers really like that.”
Trimble Duo provides a solution that leverages 4G LTE network connectivity and helps fleets future-proof their investment by pairing the reliability of a commercial-grade device with the flexibility to customize the driver experience through a mix of proprietary and third-party apps to improve driver productivity.


The Result:

For TSD, the installation of the Trimble Duo in their fleet provided benefits in three key ways:
  • 4G LTE connectivity: Upgraded Trimble Duo™ devices allow access to the 4G LTE network, ensuring connectivity to cellular networks through the 3G network shutdown and beyond. What's more, 4G LTE network offers faster connectivity speeds and future-proofed technology.
  • Streamlined installations: Connecting and mounting directly to the dashboard, the Trimble Duo streamlined the installation process.
  • Intuitive user experience: The Trimble Duo's Android™ platform pairs commercial-grade device with the flexibility to customize the driver’s experience through a mix of
    proprietary and third-party apps.
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