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Trimac Transportation

The Challenge:

Trimac Transportation provides safe and reliable highway transportation of dry, gaseous and liquid bulk products for industrial companies internationally. The company operates more than 120 terminals out of Alberta, Canada. Trimac needed a way to improve customer service; leaders had the data to advise customers, but no way of analyzing the information for accuracy. Furthermore, executives wanted to find a way to decrease costs and maximize process efficiency.



The Solution:

Trimac chose Trimble’s TMW.Suite for transportation management and Trimble’s TMT Fleet Maintenance for asset management software.

Together, the integrated solutions contain and analyze all of Trimac’s data to cuts costs and maximize margins. As a result, the solution improved the company’s bottom line.


The Result:

With TMT Fleet Maintenance, Trimac now has the capability to manage inspections, work orders, budget analysis, mechanic productivity, meter updates, fuel costs, warranty reports and warranty claims preparation. TMT makes managing and running Trimac’s fleet simple, easy, and smooth.

Trimble’s implementation team helped Trimac through one-on-one and group sessions to customize the TMT Fleet Maintenance software to Trimac’s needs. Together they created an innovative solution to help Trimac meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.