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Trimble Receives Yodel’s Consumer Social Responsibility Award for 2023

This year, Trimble had the honor of accepting the Supplier “Consumer Social Responsibility” (CSR) Award for Innovation from our long-time partners at Yodel, a leading United Kingdom-based parcel courier and delivery service.

The annual Yodel CSR Supplier Awards are presented to companies that have “shown best practice and extraordinary efforts” in one of three of Yodel’s key areas of focus: Community, Environment and Innovation. As an organization focused on implementing innovative solutions and environmentally responsible technology in the transportation and logistics industry, Trimble is thrilled to have been selected.

In the announcement, Director of Procurement at Yodel, Jason Lowry stated, “Trimble has been awarded our ‘Innovation’ award for their ongoing commitment to innovation over the years, this started with Trimble deploying the first Yodel Driver and Courier app in 2018. At the time of this launch, this was the only solution available within the market, now becoming the industry standard across the logistics space”.

"As a friend and partner to Yodel, we have always been eager to aid them in creating a socially responsible community in the UK logistics industry," said Chris Quin, Vice President of Sales for Trimble. "From the beginning, when Yodel needed a solution to improve their processes (timely deliveries, delivery tracking, optimized routes, supply chain management), Trimble provided a variety of services that have created long-term success for Yodel."

(Pictured from left to right: Jason Lowry, Director of Procurement for Yodel; Matt Conby, Director of Strategic Accounts for Trimble; Samantha Holden, Chief Commercial Officer for Yodel; Jon Perkin, Regional Sales Manager for Trimble; Alan Parsons, IT Porftolio Director for Yodel)

One innovative product created specifically for Yodel via our collaborative efforts was the Yodel Driver & Courier app. At its roots, it was created to help cut down time spent on calculating routes by automating the routing process. Thanks to this new process, up to 200 Yodel deliveries can be calculated and tracked in a few seconds, saving drivers time under the roof and allowing them to get on the road faster. Now, as we’ve had more time to test and research new implementations, the award-winning Yodel Driver & Courier app provides more streamlined solutions than ever.

To be considered for this award, organizations had to complete an application that demonstrated their approach to innovation, the approach’s purpose, and its successes. Here at Trimble, we're beyond grateful to have accepted this award. Yodel is known for their focus on ethical solutions and as we strive for a more technologically innovative and sustainable tomorrow, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Yodel.

Trimble is a company leading the industry toward a better future by providing an ecosystem of solutions that ensure efficiency, safety, and of course environmental/social responsibility. We are extremely proud to partner with Yodel, and to continue working for a safer and smarter future.

To learn more about our solutions, visit our website, or contact us to set up a demo and see how we can support your business.