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Trimble Instinct & Video Intelligence: A Winning Combination for Safety & Efficiency

As we recently announced, Minnesota-based Dart Transit Company has deployed Trimble’s Instinct and Video Intelligence solutions throughout their 1,000-truck fleet of truckload dry vans. Dart has been in business for nearly 90 years – a feat made possible in large part due to its core values around safety, engagement and efficiency.

In this era of nuclear verdicts, it’s more critical than ever that drivers are supported and protected by tools that address every challenge and workflow concern. Instinct, Trimble’s in-cab ecosystem of next-generation telematics and fleet management applications, and Video Intelligence, Trimble’s safety-focused video recording solution, work together to protect drivers and fleets alike. Combined, they ensure that drivers are prepared, safe, and have a direct line of communication with the back office.

Trimble has built on a long history of transportation industry experience to create solutions for the challenges of a dynamic freight market and changing supply chain environment. And after reviewing numerous alternatives, Dart selected Trimble to empower its fleet.

“At Dart, we believe the future of fleet management is anchored in a connected experience between the back office and our drivers,” said John Stomps, Dart’s Chief Executive Officer. “Trimble’s Instinct and Video Intelligence solutions deliver just that: a consistent and streamlined ecosystem that will empower our continuous pursuit of safety and innovation.”

Read on to learn how Instinct and Video Intelligence work together to improve safety and collaboration across fleets like Dart Transit.

The Efficiency of Trimble Instinct

When Dart came to Trimble, they wanted to better connect their back office team with the in-cab driver experience and Instinct was built to do just that.

Inside the cab, Instinct provides quick and easy access to a connected ecosystem of applications that address ELD requirements, workflows, fuel efficiency, messaging, event recording and more. This next-generation experience can be accessed via a wide range of tablets and improves productivity and performance through a streamlined, user-friendly mobile interface powered by Google Android via a single sign-on. This integrated suite of applications enables drivers to save time on the road, save time between stops, and focus on what they do best: drive.

In addition, Instinct works in conjunction with Trimble Fleet Manager to connect the driver’s experience on the road with the back office’s oversight and analysis. Fleet Manager enables the back office to monitor driver activity via Instinct, organize the support team and provide media assets such as images or videos, all while facilitating clear, consistent communication with the driver.

Instinct blends traditional telematics, driver and asset management, compliance management, and third party integrations in a single package that offers drivers and their back office counterparts more control and configuration. In this tight labor market that is increasingly attracting younger drivers who are accustomed to an intuitive technology experience, Instinct leads the way in ensuring driver efficiency and connectivity for the success and growth of modern fleets.

The Safety of Trimble Video Intelligence

In addition to Instinct’s in-cab capabilities, Trimble’s award-winning Video Intelligence solution keeps drivers safe on the road. In 2021, there were more than 169,000 crashes involving large trucks, according to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. Having a video recording solution on the road can help protect both drivers and fleets both before and after an accident.

Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution offers an array of highly configurable cameras and devices to monitor the exterior and interior of commercial vehicles of any size and shape. The Safety360 option provides four cameras for complete vehicle coverage, while the new DashCam option provides a two-channel camera for forward- and interior-facing coverage and easy installation.

But what makes this solution stand out is its edge-based, AI-powered capacity to watch for and assess events on the road in real time, providing the driver warnings before accidents occur. Paired with detailed recording of video and telematics data, Video Intelligence is able to provide a complete picture of an incident so drivers can be exonerated and fleets can save on litigation and insurance costs.

In addition, the Video Intelligence solution combines our Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with our Engine Control Module (ECM) to provide even more data and context to an event. ADAS monitors following distances and lane departures, and determines collision location in the event of an incident, while ECM tracks engine data associated with sudden acceleration, harsh braking and vehicle stability.

Since its introduction in 2016, Trimble has continued to add new hardware and software features, resulting in a modern, cloud-enabled solution that proactively provides real-time alerts and warnings to help prevent accidents before they happen. Check out our recent article to learn how Video Intelligence enhances a fleet’s safety.

Tools to Keep Drivers Safe & Efficient

Dart’s implementation of these innovative solutions showcases the company’s commitment to adopting the latest in transportation technology to improve outcomes for their drivers. And best yet: these solutions are easy to deploy. Instinct can be installed on a variety of tablets and offers many different integrations, while Video Intelligence can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

“Your goal in trucking is to put your safest drivers in the truck, but you’ve got to give them the tools that can help them be safe, especially in this environment,” Stomps said in a recent interview with Fleet Equipment Magazine. “It is to help the driver, to give [them] every available tool to be able to feel safe and to be safe.”

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