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Trimble Gateway Certified Compliant with Canada’s ELD Mandate

Ensuring the compliance of your fleet and drivers is essential to the success of your business, and Trimble is committed to supporting you with certified technology – whether you operate in the United States, Canada or across borders.

The Canadian electronic logging device (ELD) mandate went into full enforcement in January 2023, requiring that all motor carriers and drivers use such a device to maintain a daily hours of service (HOS) log. Under the terms of Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations, all ELDs must be tested and certified by third-party, accredited certification bodies to ensure that they conform to the requirements of the regulation.

Last year, our Trimble Driver ELD® was certified to comply with Canada’s ELD mandate when used with a Trimble DUO, expanding support beyond the Mobile Gateway and Connected Gateway devices.

Continuing to expand on these certifications to provide a broad portfolio of compliant solutions, our newest, modern technology Trimble Gateway (T511/T521) is now also certified to comply with the Canadian mandate when paired with Driver ELD.

This brings the total number of certified devices in Trimble’s portfolio to four, including the Trimble Gateway (T511 / T521);  Mobile Gateway (PMG-2); Connected Gateway (PCG); Trimble Duo (DUO) -- ensuring that there is a compliant solution available that meets your specific needs.

In fact, Trimble is the technology provider with the highest number of certified solutions, and was one of the first telematics technology providers to have a device certified compliant in 2021.

About Trimble Gateway

The next-generation Trimble Gateway is an on-board computer for flexible telematics and enhanced fleet management. It leverages the best features of Trimble’s Gateway devices, and adds a layer of future-proofing with top-of-the-line embedded hardware components that offer the fastest speeds and optimal performance for enhanced productivity and connection. Trimble Gateway is built on Microsoft Azure, offering a robust, scalable solution for many years to come – and easily integrates with third-party solutions for compatibility and ease of use.

Trimble Gateway connects directly to the vehicle diagnostic port for easy installation, mounting on or under the dashboard for quickly equipping cabs and getting them back on the road. It’s a great option for fleets looking to future-proof their business with the latest technology, whether you’re looking for a brand-new solution or an upgrade!

About Trimble Driver ELD

Trimble’s Driver ELD automates a fleet's HOS, allowing drivers to manage their hours in the cab through an intuitive, Android-powered display experience. Comprehensive reporting capabilities enable back-office users to review driver logs as well as integrate driver and vehicle information with key transportation management, maintenance and safety systems.

Using Trimble’s fleet management tools, fleets can also easily automate fuel tax, improve Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIRs) and monitor key vehicle stats.

Looking Ahead

As part of Transport Canada’s certification requirements, all of Trimble’s certified devices will undergo surveillance testing annually to ensure continued compliance with the mandate – meaning you can rest assured your business won’t see any interruptions due to noncompliance.

Trimble is continuing to collect feedback on new devices as we all adapt to the Canada and U.S. ELD mandates together, and we look forward to hearing from customers about how we can improve existing solutions.

“Insight from our partners and customers is paramount,” said Quinn Kelly, senior product owner for Trimble. “We are focused on working alongside our customers to build out solutions that directly address their business needs from both a market and technology perspective.”

Is your fleet subject to Canada’s ELD mandate? Check out our resource center for helpful information on the regulation or reach out to your Account or Customer Success manager to understand the steps to compliance.