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Trimble and FreightWaves Webinar: How to Effectively Use Video to Improve Safety Results

In this recent webinar, presented in conjunction with FreightWaves, Trimble’s Gary Falldin, senior director of industry solutions, discusses how to effectively use fleet-wide video recording programs to improve safety results.

Throughout his presentation, Falldin takes an in-depth look at a recent American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) report, The Issues and Opportunities with Driver-Facing Cameras, and analyzes some key insights from the report about drivers’ feelings regarding implementation of video recording programs.

Falldin also explores how to overcome negative driver perceptions about video, best practices for safety and operations when using video to coach drivers, the best ways to involve claims and legal departments in fleet-wide video deployments, and how to successfully communicate with drivers after an event is captured on video. Finally, Falldin takes questions from the audience on challenges involved in video deployment and how to overcome concerns from operations staff and drivers.

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Watch the presentation below.