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Right-Size Your Video System with Trimble’s New 2-Channel Video Intelligence Offering

The transportation industry is always in motion and with that movement comes an increased risk of dangerous events on the road. For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that in 2021 there were more than 169,000 crashes involving large trucks, and nearly 80,000 injuries involving large trucks. Plus, there were more than 3,600 notices of claims (NOC) issued that same year for alleged driving violations.

How can fleets best protect their drivers and others on the road? Robust safety programs, extensive driver training and purpose-built technology are key to minimizing risks. But it’s critical that safety and accountability solutions are flexible and adaptable to different fleets’ circumstances and needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer Trimble DashCam, a new, streamlined 2-channel option for our award-winning Video Intelligence solution

The Benefits of Using Video Intelligence

As we recently discussed, Video Intelligence solutions provide numerous benefits. The cameras and software that comprise Video Intelligence are designed to help drivers and their back office support staff monitor behaviors and events on the road. By recording what happens inside and outside a commercial vehicle, the professional driver and their dispatcher or fleet manager can confidently respond to unpredictable circumstances and better prepare for the next incident with improved training and habits. Accurately documenting what happens when loading or unloading a truck can also inform fleet management that changes need to be made.

But most importantly, Video Intelligence can protect and exonerate drivers in the event of an accident, by providing impartial video evidence that clearly shows whether or not the commercial driver was at fault. This information can provide major operational, financial and reputational benefits by reducing litigation and insurance costs. 

New 2-Channel Video Intelligence Option

Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution, originally introduced in 2016, combines high-resolution, on-board video cameras with AI-powered software and back-office monitoring tools to provide a driver and their support team with a clear 360-degree view of the vehicle and its surroundings.

The new Trimble DashCam 2-Channel DVR includes a forward-facing and cabin-facing camera, as well as a support application, in an easy-to-install and affordable package. With DashCam, fleets and owner-operators can leverage the power of Video Intelligence, in a right-sized configuration to meet their specific on-the-road needs.

This new 2-channel option joins the existing 4-channel option that includes up to four easily configurable cameras that monitor the road and drivers in high resolution. Choose from a 1920x1080-pixel high-resolution forward-facing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) camera; pod cameras that discreetly mount on the driver or passenger sides; and a rear-facing camera mounted on the back of a tractor.

Trimble DashCam integrates with the Video Intelligence Portal, and like the original 4-channel DVR, events are triggered via the Onboard Event Recorder (OER). It takes only minutes to install the DashCam and it plugs directly into a vehicle data port supporting J1939 or RP1226 power connections. 

Protect Your Business with Video Intelligence

As the FMCSA expands eligibility of the types of crashes covered by their Crash Preventability Determination Program, it’s a good time to implement a video solution to further protect your business. Customers like TCW have seen tremendous benefit from Trimble’s Video Intelligence, including ROI almost immediately after an incident on the road that would have classified one of TCW’s drivers as at-fault, if not for the availability of the video recording.

“I don’t understand why any trucking company, including owner operators, wouldn’t invest in this technology,” shared Ronnie Holland, Director of Safety for TCW. Other fleets, like Fortune Transportation chose Video Intelligence to keep their drivers safe, and their fleet protected. For Fortune, AI-powered features like fatigue detection through the CIM have helped enhance their safety program. Hear more from former driver and current IT and Business Intelligence manager Josh Duerksen here.

It’s time to see the bigger picture – why limit yourself to one view when you can see the whole thing? No matter what size fleet you have, or the class of your trucks, Video Intelligence can benefit and protect your drivers and fleet.

We’re here to help right-size the Video Intelligence solution to meet your needs. Learn more about our Video Intelligence solution here, or contact us to learn more or schedule a demo!