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Drivewyze and Bestpass Partnership Simplifies Enrollment and Provides Pinpoint GPS “STAMPS” for Toll Validation

You may have seen a lot of great news coming out of Drivewyze lately. Last year was defined by first-to-market feature announcements, expansions to our weigh station bypass network, and major new partnerships. Our latest strategic partnership is with an organization fleets may be familiar with: Bestpass.

Whether you’re looking to maximize your drivers’ time on the road through weigh station bypass or are tired of the hassle of manual toll payments, both companies can help you run your business more efficiently.

At Drivewyze, we are a leader in connected truck services that provides driver-centric safety and compliance solutions to fleets across North America. Our weigh station bypass service, PreClear, is available at more than 840 sites in 45 states and provinces – making it the largest bypass network available. It allows fleets to bypass weigh stations – saving valuable time and money. Your bypass rate can be up to 98%, and the better your safety score, the higher your bypass rate. Best of all, it’s easily activated on Trimble ELD, no transponder required!

When it comes to toll management, Bestpass leads the way. Their service works with over 50 tolling authorities across the U.S. providing a comprehensive payment platform with a focus on nationwide toll management for commercial fleets with solutions for 100% of major toll roads. This takes away all the back-office hassles associated with toll management.

A third-party group, Hobsons, conducted a study on Bestpass about the ROI of toll management services. They found that a national fleet of 800 trucks, spending $120,000 a month on tolls, $4,000 a month on violations, with three full-time employees managing transponders and payments, would have the Bestpass service pay for itself in about 6 months. Bestpass cuts down the number of violations fleets get by over 80% and fewer people are needed to manage tolls. 

Onboarding Made Easy

Our partnership makes it easier than ever for Drivewyze customers to work with Bestpass and vice versa. We’ve aligned our offerings to streamline onboarding for fleets adopting weigh station bypass and toll management services.  Also, we’re collaborating with Bestpass on the rollout of a Drivewyze toll trip report, which provides highly accurate GPS-based toll event data. More on that in a second.

Both Drivewyze and Bestpass are passionate about working with fleets, listening to any pain points, and putting the customer first in our decision-making. We know our collective success is all about having our customers view us as partners – that goes from a smooth onboarding process to a first-rate driver experience. Customer service is paramount.

By working together, we can share information directly that’s going to make the activation and onboarding fleets much more streamlined. We take the weight of that effort off our mutual customers to make migrations to either the Bestpass platform or the Drivewyze platform, easier.

Toll Trip Reports Give New Level of “Truth”

An exciting byproduct of working with Bestpass has been in identifying a need to help fleets protect themselves against errant tolls and violations.

Toll errors happen, and when they do, they are expensive. Our new toll trip report leverages the Drivewyze platform’s advantage in edge-processing, a technology used to create areas with more detailed GPS cookie data, to collect highly accurate toll road entry and exit events that fleets can use as a source of data when investigating violations, over-charging, and fraud incidents. It’s another source of “truth” as we call it – giving fleets proof as to whether their truck was using the toll road when an alleged violation occurred. We time stamp down to the second when the truck passed through the toll station. Any fleet can look at the GPS events and can compare them to the charges that they’re getting based on their transponders. Ask your Drivewyze service representative to see if you’re eligible for the report or to find out how to activate Drivewyze analytics on your ELD for a free trial.

With Bestpass’s industry-leading toll data collection, this toll trip report will give fleets unprecedented visibility and control to detect inaccurate tolling costs. Additionally, fleet managers can deliver fleet-controlled toll road notifications to drivers using any toll road in North America with Drivewyze Safety+, which is also available through Trimble. This means if you don’t want a driver using a toll road, for example, you can set a geofence, which will then message your driver through the ELD to avoid using the road.

Drivewyze and Bestpass are working together to bring new technology and innovation to the forefront. It’s an exciting time, which will benefit Trimble customers who want to drive down costs, while improving the driver experience.

But don’t just take our word for it: Decker Truck Line is one of many companies that is experiencing the benefits of weigh station bypass through Drivewyze and toll management through Bestpass. “We’ve experienced nothing but great support and service from both Drivewyze and Bestpass since switching to these providers,” said Brent Ellis, VP of Business Systems & Process for Decker Truck Line. “The decision to go in a different direction for weigh station bypass and tolling services couldn’t have been easier and now that they’re partnering, managing these services on our end can only be better.”

Drivewyze is offering Trimble customers a free 30-day trial of PreClear weigh station bypass and a free toll trip report for all Trimble customers. Talk with your Trimble or Drivewyze representative to activate your trial and explore your potential cost savings.