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Check Out the New Tools on FMCSA’s New ELD Home Page

FMCSA recently upped its ELD game. In early September 2018, the Agency created a new ELD home page at that contains more information and improved tools for carriers, drivers and ELD suppliers alike. If you have some responsibility for your company’s implementation of ELDs, or your transition from AOBRDs to ELDs, you should visit the new ELD home page for the latest information from FMCSA.


ELD Training Checklist for Motor Carriers

One new tool for fleets to review and use is an “ELD Training Checklist for Motor Carriers” Click on the “Drivers/Motor Carriers” link at the very top of the home page, and it will take you a page designed to help fleets. You’ll see a “Download Checklist” button…or you can get there directly by clicking on the following: This one-page checklist is helpful.



A second tool for fleets is “Web eRODS” As you may know, eRODS is software used by roadside inspectors to review a driver’s ELD records that are transferred by the driver to the inspector during a roadside inspection. The industry has heard about eRODS for many months, and the new website allows fleets to take a “tour” of exactly what eRODS looks like on an inspector’s computer screen. More importantly, fleets can load a driver’s actual ELD file into Web eRODS to show the driver what it looks like, and how a potential violation is flagged for an inspector. Web eRODS can be found here:


Request an Extension – ELD Malfunctions

A third new tool for fleets is an online form to request an extension of time to fix or replace a malfunctioning ELD. The online form, labeled “Request an Extension – ELD Malfunctions” is found on the drop down menu under the “Drivers/Motor Carriers” link at the top of the page. It simplifies the process for requesting an extension of time from the Agency. Click on this link to go directly to the new form:

Kudos to FMCSA for continuing to provide ELD tools and information enabling fleets and drivers to comply with the mandate. Better compliance should result in improved driver and highway safety!


By Dave Osiecki, President of Scpelitis Transportation Consulting LLC


Have questions? If so, call or email Trimble’s ELD and regulatory consultant, Dave Osiecki, of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC, at or 202 728 2851

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