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Trimble Workflow Automated Fleet Management

Receive Vehicle Location Alerts Automatically

Learn where your trucks are, when they arrive at their final destinations and when they depart again with automated location alerts from Trimble.

Part of Trimble Mobility fleet telematics system.

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Improve Your Back Office With Automated Vehicle Location Alerts

Eliminate Vehicle Location Guesswork

Don't guess where your trucks are and when they'll arrive. Use Trimble to set up reliable automated vehicle location alerts.

Plan More Effective Loads

Learn when your shipments were delivered and how long they were detained. Then use the data to plan better future loads.

Increase Billing Accuracy

Use Automated Workflow to pinpoint the exact amount of time a truck spent at a shipper’s location to enable precise billing.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Work with Trimble carriers so you always know where your freight is and can pass this information along to your customers.

Configure Automated Workflow to Your Needs

Establish geofences at or around your regular delivery sites and receive automatic alerts when trucks reach these locations.

Integrate Your Back Office Systems

Connect Trimble’s Automated Workflow to your TMS of choice and supercharge your company's database with location details.

Boost Your Shipping Business With Trimble-Backed Carriers

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Trimble’s Automated Workflow: Better Fleet Management

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