• Collision Prevention

    Dynamic Driver Defense

    Mitigate problems before they happen

    DCube (Dynamic Driver Defense), by Trimble, is an innovative solution that prevents incidents on the road - and in the cab - by notifying drivers of potential incidents in real-time. Ensure your drivers get home safely with instantaneous alerts for following distance, lane departure, distraction in the cab and more.

  • In-Cab Intelligence

    Cabin Intelligent Monitor

    Protect your drivers

    Protect your drivers from fatigue and distraction, identify risky driving behaviors, and coach operators on better driving habits. Trimble's artificial intelligence paired with our Cabin Intelligent Monitor recognizes real scenarios and records them for future use and ongoing coaching.

  • Cover The Blind Spots

    Drivers Assist

    AI driving
    Beyond basic road monitoring

    Trimble's Video Intelligence solution supports up to 4 easily configurable cameras that monitor the road in high resolution. Drivers Assist displays live video from side or backup cameras to the drivers when traveling in reverse or changing lanes.

  • Powerful AI

    Real-Time Data

    truck crash on highway
    Reduce litigation costs with a clear source of truth

    Onboard Event Recording (OER) combined with edge-based AI processing provides critical details in case of an accident or incident. AI and ML algorithms streamline the review process by segmenting footage. Fast data retrieval ensures your team doesn’t waste time reviewing endless video footage.

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Ready For 360º Protection?

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Trimble Video Intelligence solutions will protect your business and most importantly, your drivers.

Contact our team today and learn how adding video technology can help you enhance accident liability protection, improve driver coaching processes, and increase overall safety in your fleet.