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Safety Analytics to Simplify Driver Coaching

The Data You Need to Improve Fleet Safety

Boost fleet safety with Trimble Safety Analytics, a powerful data tool that's designed to help you make better decisions about driver training.

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Elevate Your Decision-Making Process With Data

Easily Manage Fleet Safety

Access In-Depth Safety Data

View important safety metrics that dig into CSA violations via an integration with Samba Safety as well as identifying other risky driver behaviors.

Make More Strategic Decisions

Identify your fleet's drivers in most need of coaching so you can enhance coaching to help them improve safety and performance behind the wheel. Reduce risk by focusing on areas that need improvement.

Improve Your Risk Management and Safety Programs

Analyze the data in Safety Analytics to determine which drivers represent the most risk and how to coach them to success.Safety Analytics simplifies big data so you can properly coach and hold drivers accountable.

Properly Screen Your Partners

Shippers who work with carriers that utilize Trimble Safety Analytics can feel confident in knowing their freight will get there safely and efficiently.

Snag Powerful Data Visualization

Access intuitive dashboards, graphs and reports that visualize complex driver data and make it easy to understand and share with others.

Guarantee the Safety of Your Freight

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The Data You Need to Improve Fleet Safety

There's never been a better time to improve fleet safety. Talk to an expert today about how Trimble Safety Analytics can help.