Future of Wireless Networks

Wireless carriers are investing in LTE networks and beginning to sunset older CDMA and GSM networks.
At Trimble, we are here to help navigate this transition to ensure your fleet's connectivity today and in the years to come.


Understanding the Network Sunset

U.S. carriers have begun to repurpose older 3G networks. For fleets that use 3G-connected devices, the network will begin to degrade and large areas of coverage may disappear at any time.

As CDMA infrastructure is shifted to LTE, users will start to experience challenges related to network accessibility and quality well before the final switch is turned off.


VIDEO: Successfully Navigating the 3G Network Sunset

WHITEPAPER: The Future of Mobile Networks

Download our free whitepaper to explore how wireless carriers are meeting the need for better, faster and more widely-available coverage and what this means for fleets like yours. Discover how:

  • A rise in "smart devices" is creating a need for more robust connectivity
  • The CDMA sunset is being rolled out across North America
  • LTE connectivity can improve network coverage to maximize safety and efficiency

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