A Message to Our Customers

Trimble to Acquire Kuebix to Transform and Connect the Transportation Logistics Ecosystem

Valued Trimble Customer,

I am excited to share today’s news of Trimble’s planned acquisition of Kuebix, a leading transportation management system (TMS) software provider and creator of North America’s largest connected shipping community. This acquisition puts us in a position to truly transform and connect the transportation ecosystem we are all a part of.

By bringing together Trimble’s network of private fleet and commercial carrier customers, which collectively represents more than 1.3 million commercial trucks in North America, with Kuebix’s community of more than 21,000 shipping companies, we are creating the largest connected network of shippers and carriers in the North American transportation supply chain. Trimble’s acquisition of Kuebix accelerates transformation of how shippers, intermediaries and carriers collaborate to improve efficiency, optimization and actionability across the supply chain

Achieving this vision starts with breaking down the silos between shippers, carriers and intermediaries. Our acquisition of Kuebix will enable us to eliminate these barriers with a single logistics platform for everyone in the transportation supply chain. By extending the Kuebix multi-tenant, cloud TMS platform to carriers and intermediaries, we will enable a more collaborative experience to optimize the logistics process–from order management to financial settlement–helping to improve asset utilization for carriers and providing shippers with access to expanded capacity and reduced costs. 

As your trusted technology provider, we acknowledge the need to rapidly innovate, to go beyond our core products, and to continuously improve how we approach serving you. Today’s news represents a key part of this change, one that we will be sharing more details about in the weeks and months to come

As we fulfill our purpose to revolutionize how we supply our world, I want to be clear that some things will not be changing. We will continue to be focused on supporting all of you, continuing to listen and understand your needs, while also continuing to provide you with the Trimble solutions you rely on today to optimize your business.

Your success remains our top priority and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the technology to solve your toughest challenges – both in 2020 and in the years to come.

If you or members of your organization have any questions about today’s announcement, please feel free to contact your Trimble representative or reach out to us via email at transportation@trimble.com.


James Langley

Trimble Transportation