Our Strategy to Address the COVID-19 Situation

Trimble Remains Committed to Supporting Customers Like You

Dear Trimble Customer,

From softening freight markets to rising insurance costs to virus outbreaks, we understand the stress on your business is challenging. We want you to know that while the panic over toilet paper or soap being stocked out at the local grocery store may be a bit alarming today, it’s nothing compared to a material disruption in the supply chain if transportation and logistics are encumbered by disruptions to your daily operations. You provide the backbone to deliver the world’s goods, so everyone else can go about their days in relative normalcy.

We appreciate the trust you place in us and our technology every day. As we continue to closely monitor developments related to COVID-19, we wanted to share some of the proactive measures that we are taking to supplement our existing crisis management and disaster preparedness plans. Trimble is committed to continuing to provide a high level of service and support to customers like you as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

While COVID-19 has not had any immediate impact on our operations, we are taking this situation very seriously to protect our employees and avoid any disruption in our business. This includes leveraging our comprehensive crisis management plan that provides an overall framework to respond to a crisis in a timely and complete manner.

We are acting with an abundance of caution as this situation unfolds, not only to ensure the safety and well being of all of our people, but also to ensure continuity of our services so you can continue to supply our world. We will continue to watch for new developments and will provide you with additional updates, as appropriate.

Thank you for your continued business and partnership. We will work through these challenging times together, as we always have.


James Langley

Trimble Transportation